Month: August 2018

Where to Sell and Buy Manufacturing Products? Find Out Below!

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new online marketplaces except Amazon and Ebay

Nowadays, everything just goes digitally and it influences in many sectors especially in trading business. Back then few years ago, we are difficult to sell and buy manufacturing products or just to reach the distributors. Now, online marketplace is a great place to reach new customers sell and buy the products. Here, there are the best online marketplaces you can take advantages to sell and buy manufacturing products like electronics, apparel, foods and beverages and more.

We will offer you some new online marketplaces except Amazon and Ebay, hopefully you can find your newer potential customers here. Most of you may have not yet heard This year, this online marketplace also lets the small retailers to access the website and reach their million audiences here. You can put your products in most of the categories. For $39.99 per month you will see your products appear on Here, you can also buy various manufacturing products here.

Where to Sell and Buy Manufacturing Products Find Out BelowIf you are looking for home, fashion, and art, Bonanza is the right online destination for you. There are at least 25,000 registered sellers, so you will find anything you look for. For selling product, thus site does not have listing fees. However, you should know that the company will collect 3.5% from closing fee under $500. Besides, it will charge a flat free for the sale over $500 for $17.500 and 1.5 % of sale amount. For electronics enthusiasts, Newegg is the right online marketplace to buy and sell some cool electronics stuffs like TV, computer, handphone, and more. This site is the first option for you to get a great deal. You will charge free as a seller. So, that are the best websites to sell and to buy manufacturing products.